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Book Review: Learning to Live, Rest and Let go

Three-quarters of the way through Fernando Sarráis’ book, “Learning to Live, Rest and Let Go”, I already found myself being more conscious about my physical and mental state, pondering on whether I am allowing myself to rest enough. The title may seem rather obvious, but the author wrote from a psychiatrist’s perspective, which helps you appreciate that rest comes in different forms. He begins by introducing what rest is and highlighting the consequences of inadequate rest. In our busy daily routines with 8-5 classes and jobs, we tend to forget that.  “Sometimes it’s enough to stop doing what makes us tired and rest”. 

So simply put, he alludes to those “who are unable to detect their feelings of tiredness”, and others who are overwhelmed by being constantly under pressure. As a student, I resonated with the first three chapters, as we were approaching study week, right before exams. He reminded me that it is important to make time for both psychological and physical rest, “a healthy mind in a healthy body”. 

Fernando Sarráis creates a realistic list of ways that persons of all ages may rest and the pleasant emotions that they produce. Namely, music, sports, reading a novel, watching a movie, spending time with family and friends and so much more. Fernando in a few words, captures the relevancy of resting in an exquisite rhythm. The epilogue ends by telling us “With one’s duties in the outside world, the most important is to take care of one’s interior world”. I’ve reminisced on those words ever since, and truly learning to live, rest and let go, creates a serene environment within and without. 

My rating: 4 Stars!

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Review by Pauline Gethi

Former President of Strathmore Mental Health Club.

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