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SRCC: Authorized ACCA Books’ Distributor

In finance and accounting, achieving ACCA certification is a significant milestone, opening doors to a wealth of opportunities and career advancement. However, for many aspiring ACCA students in Kenya, accessing high-quality study books has long been a challenge, hindering their path to success. Recognising this pressing need, Strathmore Resource Centre and Consultancy (SRCC) has emerged as a beacon of hope, bridging the gap by becoming an authorized distributor of BPP ACCA books in the country.

For years, ACCA students in Kenya have faced numerous hurdles in obtaining the necessary resources to prepare for ACCA exams. Limited availability of ACCA study materials, high costs of ACCA books, and logistical challenges have often stood in the way of their academic pursuits. As a result, many talented individuals have found themselves at a disadvantage, struggling to compete on a level playing field with their peers globally.

However, with SRCC stepping up to the plate as an authorized distributor of ACCA books, a transformative shift is underway. By making these essential study materials more accessible and affordable, SRCC is empowering ACCA students across Kenya to excel in ACCA studies and realize their full potential. No longer constrained by resource limitations, ACCA students can now arm themselves with the tools they need to succeed in one of the most rigorous professional examinations in the world, ACCA.

The results speak for themselves. Over the years, Kenya has produced numerous ACCA toppers who have achieved outstanding success in their examinations, both locally and internationally. Many of these top performers have one thing in common: they have studied at Strathmore University. With access to comprehensive study materials from SRCC, these students have been able to fully prepare themselves for the challenges of the ACCA exams and emerge victorious.

SRCC’s commitment to empowering ACCA students in Kenya is not just about acing ACCA exams; it’s about unlocking potential, creating opportunities, and shaping the future of finance professionals in the country. With SRCC’s support, the next generation of ACCA toppers in Kenya is poised to reach even greater heights of success.

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