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About Us

Strathmore Research and Consultancy Center, SRCC, is the consulting arm of

Strathmore University. SRCC coordinates the consultancy work of the university to ensure that clients receive high quality advisory work.

SRCC has been in operation since 2003. We work closely with university faculty on consultancies. On large assignments or where the client’s solution requires capabilities beyond the database of our Research Centre SRCC and the university, we team up with credible partners and other subcontractors to deliver a seamless service to the client. The forerunner of SRCC was the Corporate Training Department of Strathmore College which used to provide a wide range of training courses to companies in the private sector, government ministries, parastatals, UN Bodies, NGO’s and others.

Strathmore University is a leading not for profit private University operating in Kenya, which aims to serve the Kenyan society to the best of its ability. Strathmore holds a peerless reputation for quality in academia, research and innovation as well as consultancy. The university provides a platform through SRCC for evidence-based, high-quality research in various fields with an emphasis on themes relevant to developing countries. The consultancy offered, is as a result of intensive research carried out within the university. We focus on various fields like:

Management, Finance and Strategy – these are consultancies like; Capacity building and Institutional strengthening – leadership and governance, market research and evaluation, project management and advisory, strategy development, Risk management and many more.

Public Policy and Governance – In collaboration with the Strathmore Institute of Public Policy and Governance (SIPPG) we offer consultancies on constitutional economics, the role of institutions and governance in development; economics of conflict; political economy of reforms in developing countries; competition policy; capital flight in developing countries; linkages between security and development.

Clean Energy – Strathmore’s Energy Research Center (SERC) in collaboration with SRCC conducts research, consultancy, quality assurance and multi-disciplinary capacity building through professional courses. The focus areas include modern energy access, solar PV and its applications and productive use of energy.

Information Technology – The Faculty of Information Technology and its research arm @iLabAfrica through SRCC engage in research and consultancies on diverse areas: – database systems, software engineering, GIS, open source software, mobile technologies and cybersecurity, management information systems, ICT for development, internet of things, big data etc.

Law and Justice – Strathmore law School through SRCC carry out research and consultancies on alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property and technology, international criminal justice, tax, business and human rights and law and policy.

Publishing and Distribution

Strathmore Research and Consultancy Centre Ltd owns Distance Learning Centre (DLC) which was originally under Strathmore University from October 1992 to 2013 when it was moved to SRCC. The objective was to offer courses in accountancy to students who were unable to attend lectures at the university owing to professional or social commitments, with the possibility of drawing from the expertise of the lecturers of the Strathmore Institute of Technology, without having to attend long-term courses. Remove all this paragraph as it’s no longer the case.

DLC has since then improved and currently we SRCC is currently publishing CPA study materials in collaboration with Strathmore institute lecturers. In addition, we distribute ACCA and Law study materials to individuals, colleges and bookshops.


We welcome you to collaborate with SRCC.


Ann Riungu – +254703034496 or email: ariungu@strathmore.edu

Christine Owande – +254703034468 or email: cowande@strathmore.edu


To be the most Trusted brand in Research based Consulting


Transforming and empowering society with ethical and research-based solutions.

Core Values

Integrity and accountability

We do the right thing regardless of the consequences and take responsibilities for our actions.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We recognise and appreciate the value in diversity and strive to include differences.

Collaboration and creativity

We work together to achieve collective and personal goals and turn new and imaginative ideas into reality.

Excellence and passion

We are inspired to make a lasting impact and continually strive to exceed the expectations of people and our clients.


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