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Strathmore Research and
Consultancy Centre (SRCC)
Sharing Knowledge
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SRCC LTD adheres to Global Best Practices when it comes to doing business with our clients with a focus on improving the quality of lives for all involved. Our core principles:

  • Ethical Practice
  • Learner Centred Approach
  • Service to society
  • Personalized attention to our clients

Our Services

HR Consulting

SRCC offers HR a wide range of consultancy services to SMEs and companies in the Private, Public and NGO Sectors.

IT Consulting

SRCC focuses on directly supporting the business objectives of an organi­zation and emphasizing the business value IT provides.

Corporate Training

Organizations as entities also have unique requirements that contribute to their effec­tiveness and competitiveness within the business environment.

Publishing & Distribution

Originally started as the Distance Learning Centre by Strathmore University in October 1992.

Business Process Outsourcing

SRCC recognizes that Kenya has a large pool well trained individuals who have been finding it difficult to get jobs.


News and Blog

  • Jeff Obonyo

    SRCC has undertaken several projects in consulting, training and implementing institutional management systems in a number of institutions. The following are some of the recent projects which SRCC has undertaken:

    National Institutes of Health (NIH) 

    The name of the project: Pathways for Innovation in Blood Transfusion Systems in Kenya (PITS Kenya). The overarching goal of this project is to identify, develop, and test effective strategies to enhance the availability and delivery of safe blood for transfusion in Kenya. The project consisted of:

    1. three clinical contexts that determine the urgency of blood transfusion (elective, urgent, emergent
    2. three socioeconomic contexts within Kenya that represent both urban and rural settings (Nakuru, Siaya/Kisumu, and Turkana counties); 
    3. three basic components of effective blood transfusion systems (availability, processing, and safe delivery).

    Finnish National Agency for Education

    Name of the project: Training Trainers for Teacher Education and Management in Kenya (TOTEMK). The target of this project was to strengthen Teacher Education and institutional Management in Kenya. The project contributed to: 

    1. Modernizing teacher education through new pedagogical methods; 
    2. Application of modern pedagogical technology; 
    3. Empowering teacher’s work to respond effectively to Kenyan Competency-Based Curriculum under the Basic Education Curriculum Framework.

    Royal Academy of Engineering

    In this project, Strathmore University facilitated the training of engineering professionals and electrical technicians working in county healthcare ministries and county hospitals from 30 counties.


    Strathmore University, in partnership with Britam, launched Tele-health services, dubbed “Britam Afya Mikononi”. This partnership was aimed at providing Britam’s clients with remote healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Medical Research Council

    Strathmore university partnered with the Medical Research Council to develop a systems approach to examining health sector responses to cholera epidemics in Kenya.

    Innovate UK – GOV.UK

    This project was aimed at developing a precision farming model for Millet. Strathmore University and the client were keen to leverage remote sensing and ICT to facilitate yield maximization, structured trading and inclusive value chain participation for smallholder staple grain farmers in Kenya. 

    National Research Fund (NRF)

    This project entailed Automated Human Body Language Analysis Algorithm for detecting concealed firearms on video surveillance in Kenya. The study was aimed at solving the problem of concealed firearm detection, by developing an algorithm for automated detection of people carrying firearms, through analyzing their body language on Video surveillance. With the help of Strathmore University, another project was undertaken to develop a Mathematical model on the In-Vivo HIV Optimal Therapy and Management.  This study analyzed a mathematical model describing HIV dynamics taking into account therapy and the immune response of infected persons. The client also invited Strathmore University’s services in developing Mathematical Models for Heptacyclic Erthrocytic Dynamics and Therapeutic Control of Malaria. The study was aimed at improving the therapeutic control of malaria with a focus on malaria vaccine and antimalarial drugs that target the parasites at the pre-erythrocytic stage. 

    AGRA – Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

    Strathmore University provided its consultancy services to AGRA in developing animated training manuals on good agronomic practices on different crops. The training videos were used to train farmers across Africa. The animations were produced in languages majorly spoken throughout the African region, i.e. English, Swahili, French and Portuguese.

    Trademark East Africa(TMEA) and Partner Organizations

    This project entailed the Digitization of trade manuals and systems for ease of knowledge transfer to users (i.e. East African traders and new employees of TMEA, TCCIA, TWCC & ZNCCIA). Digitized (i.e. produced tutorials in the form of narrations, illustrations, text, graphics and cartoons) of the following systems and their manuals:

    1. Rules and Procedures of trading in the EAC region
    2. NTBs SMS and Online Reporting System
    3. Gender constraints SMS reporting system for TWCC
    4. Electronic Certificate of Origin System
    5. Electronic Payment System i.e. LIPAFASTA

    The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (Kenya) and The World Bank

    In October 2014, @iLabAfrica Research Centre signed a collaboration agreement with the World Bank and KNBS to carry out a data visualization-based project that sought to enhance the Bureau’s county data dissemination capabilities through the use of ICT tools. Data source from key publications was visualized and hosted on an online portal, the KNBS County Data Visualization Portal. Main components- Backend, Data Analysis, Visualization, Mobile portal app, Bulk Download, Data Search.

    This report was compiled by Odhiambo Obonyo.

  • Jeff Obonyo

    SRCC has undertaken several projects in consulting, training and implementing institutional management systems in a number of institutions. The following are some of the recent projects that SRCC has undertaken and clients with whom we worked.

    1. Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO)
    SRCC undertook consultancy services for KETRACO Human Resource skills gap analysis. The activities involved included:
    i. Reviewing existing roles as per organizational structure.
    ii. Analyzing the skills and competency requirements of each role.
    iii. Interviewing position holders.
    iv. Undertaking skills gap mapping/index.
    v. Determining the skills index for the company.

    2. Norwegian Refugee Council
    SRCC conducted an assessment on Housing,Land and Property (HLP) rights, gaps and opportunities affecting refugees in Kakuma and Kalobeyei, Turkana West in Kenya.

    3. World Health Organization (WHO)
    This involved doing a front-end developer consultancy to support the development of Kenya Health and Research Observatory(KHRO). The key deliverables included:
    i. Additional priority data sources fully integrated with APIs and their respective indicators
    visualized on KHRO.
    ii. Enhanced user interface and visualization of the KHRO platform including a usage data
    analytics tools incorporated.
    iii. Completed and activated Research and Community of Practice modules integration
    iv. Statistical content for the KHRO updated and enriched with most recent data.
    v. Updating the Covid-19 dashboard tracker visualization with more content.
    vi. Technical training, operational and user documentations and manuals.

    4. Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA)
    Strathmore Business School(SBS) facilitated and conducted a retreat training on board performance improvement plan, effective performance management, board communication and media strategy, effective leadership and change management for the Board of Management at KeNHA.

    5. AMREF Flying Doctors
    Strathmore Business School(SBS) facilitated and conducted a board-readiness training for the senior management team. The program covered the following areas:
    i. Business and Governance Acumen
    ii. Strategy
    iii. Finance
    iv. Stakeholder engagement

    6. BRITAM Holdings Ltd
    Strathmore Business School(SBS) facilitated and conducted a board-readiness training for their Board of Directors.

    7. Safaricom PLC
    Strathmore Business School(SBS) facilitated and conducted a Leadership and Governance Training Programme for Safaricom’s Board of Directors. The program covered the following areas:
    i. Governance in the age of disruption
    ii. Board and Ethics
    iii. Strategy
    iv. Board Dynamics

    SRCC also provides consultancy and training services for the Safaricom Digital Academy. This involves:
    i. Course Content Development and Custom Curriculum Design
    ii. Basic and advanced data science and cyber security training

    8. JAVA House Group
    Strathmore Business School(SBS) facilitated and conducted a 3-month programme structured as a 3-module programme for Java’s mid-level managers.

    9. MPESA Foundation Academy
    SRCC facilitated and conducted an Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation training for the scholars at Mpesa Foundation Academy’s Uongozi Centre and also a Business Initiation and Development Entrepreneurship Programme. The training covered the following areas:
    i. Business Initiation and Development
    ii. Business and Career Mentorship
    10. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

    UNEP collaborated with Strathmore University to conduct an Air and Water Quality Monitoring in Nairobi, Kenya. The objective was to strengthen Nairobi County air quality monitoring policy and legislative frameworks to act as building blocks for compliance, monitoring and enforcement of air quality standards in the County. The activities carried out included:
    i. Supporting the preparation of the air quality policy for Nairobi County, Kenya.
    ii. Developing of air quality regulations for Nairobi County
    iii. Drafting an air quality policy document and regulations to be tabled to the County

    11. County Government Projects

    There is an agreement between iLab Africa and county governments for electronic revenue collection solutions and payment services i.e. the supply, implementation and commissioning of business intelligence and analytics system and an automated revenue receipt system. The Counties under this project include:
    i. Kiambu County
    ii. Kisumu County
    iii. Busia County
    iv. Taita Taveta County
    v. Kilifi County

    The initial implementation involved the below activities:
    i. Mobilization of resources for back end server infrastructure
    ii. Third-party systems software
    iii. Workflow processes modeling
    iv. Legacy data migration
    v. Online/Classroom training programs
    vi. Training/ Civic education workshops
    vii. Backend hardware deployment

    12. Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) was involved in technical equipment training. This included on-site theory and practical advanced solar training with the below activities:
    i. Introduction to Solar PV Technology
    ii. AC Systems and Grid Tie systems
    iii. Introduction to hybrid systems
    iv. Alternative Energy Sources
    v. Site Visits

    13. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
    Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) was involved in supporting the development of a
    conducive policy environment for electric mobility in Kenya. The tasks involved included:
    i. Taxation regime for electric vehicles as well as clarification of requirements for EV
    ii. Summary of the 20 electric vehicles standards developed by the Kenya Bureau of
    iii. Proposal of a vehicle classification system that allows for smooth registration of electric

    14. Women in Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship Co-operative Society Limited (WISEe)
    In this project, Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC) tested the solar photovoltaic products
    and components. The objective was to:
    i. Determine if the battery capacity is as labeled.
    ii. Establish energy supplied by a fully charged battery.

    This article was written by Odhiambo Obonyo and Grace Wanyeki.

  • Jeff Obonyo

    SRCC has undertaken several projects in consulting, training and implementing institutional management systems in a number of institutions. This article proceeds as a summary of Strathmore Research and Consultancy Centre’s recent projects and clients. 

    UN Environment Programme- UNEP

    This project entailed creating mobile learning courses on environmental issues

    1. Design and development of a mobile
    2. Application (android & iOS) for dissemination of courses such as why plastic bags are bad for the environment.
    3. Development of a web application for data analytics for usage of the above application.
    4. Designed and developed an animated course for integration with the above application.


    PEBL (Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning) under ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities)

    This project entailed facilitation of training on production of blended learning courses. The project led to the development of 5 blended courses e.g. ‘Fundamentals of Information Technology’ for first year students at Strathmore University, a course which was packaged in SCORM format and disseminated via Moodle.


    Samsung Electronics

    This project entailed research and development work on making Samsung products that are relevant for the African market. Samsung partnered with @iLabAfrica to build the Strathmore Business School Mobile Application which was launched at a demo dubbed “Samsung Show and Tell” in 2014.

    1. The SBS application is a custom mobile app for the Strathmore Business Schools.
    2. Using this application, Strathmore Business School scholars enjoy a full learning experience using a tablet.
    3. It provides for access to e-learning resources, assignments, notes and course cases, announcements and news.
    4. The application also has a digital rights management system to safeguard the distribution of copyrighted material, assignment reminders and a booked room viewing facility to help learners schedule group meetings and classes.


    County Pro

    This project entailed design and development of elearning tutorials County Pro (County Pro is a Mobile and Web-Based solution for revenue collection by the government in different counties). The e-learning tutorials are used by employees of different Counties where County Pro application is implemented.


    Castalia Inc. Japan (In collaboration with Goocus Pilot)

    This project entailed:

    1. Content creation (texts, graphics and audio-visual)
    2. Integration and dissemination through a mobile learning platform (Goocus)
    3. Conversion of courses by Strathmore University into eLearning courses.


    The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK)

    This project was facilitated by @ilabAfrica. It entailed an online registration system managing events, online courses and webinars of ICPAK. @ilabAfrica was mandated to develop a mobile-based application for ICPAK Events Attendance by Delegates and a portal for ICPAK to manage more than 10,000 members CPD and Event attendance details including courses.


    Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies

    This project entailed the following: 

    1. Implementation of performance, Monitoring and Evaluation System
    2. Development and implementation of performance, Monitoring and Evaluation System
    3. Development and Implementation of a Mobile data collection tool for conservancies called WILD.


    Kenya Association of Manufacturers

    This project involved: 

    1. Designing and developing an online centralized business portal to provide industry stakeholders and potential investors with information on Kenya’s economic and legal environment.
    2. Developing industrial and trade statistics relevant to the manufacturing sector and its sub-sectors.


    Kenyan County Governments

    The project involved the implementation of a holistic e-Governance Integrated System for County Operations Management, Workflow Automation, Document Management, Electronic Citizen Services Delivery, Business Intelligence and Electronic Payment Systems in the following County Governments in Kenya:

    1. County Government of Kiambu
    2. County Government of Busia County
    3. County Government of Kisumu
    4. County Government of Taita Taveta
    5. County Government of Kilifi
    6. County Government of Mombasa


    Ministry of Health Kenya

    The project was a joint collaboration with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Association of Public Health Labs (APHL), IBM Research Lab and the Ministry of Health; @iLabAfrica implemented an Open Source Lab Information System (HMIS). @iLabAfrica was mandated to address the overwhelmed public health diagnostic laboratories that perform the diagnosis and effective treatment and prevention of illnesses.

    This report was compiled by Odhiambo Obonyo.


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