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Corporate Training

Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS)

Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS) offers the following training

1. Financial Modelling for Informed Decision Making / Advanced Excel
2. MS Excel / Data Analytics
3. Statistical Data Analysis using R programming
4. Statistical Data Analysis using SPSS
5. Latex training

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iLabAfrica offers the following training programs for corporates:

  1. Digital Marketing Masterclasses
  2. Artificial Intelligence Course
  3. Cloud Computing Course
  4. IT Security Course
  5. IT Data Communication(Datacom) Course
  6. Advanced Analysis and Visualization in Excel Training
  7. Certificate in Mobile Development – Programming Course
  8. Certificate in Emerging Technologies – Fundamentals of Emerging Technologies
  9. Customized courses for various organizations based on clients’ requests.

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Strathmore Business School

Strathmore Business School (SBS) offers the following customized training programs for corporates:

  1. Comprehensive leadership programmes
  2. Corporate governance programmes
  3. Thematic leadership programmes
  4. Specially themes programmes
  5. Finance programmes
  6. Data science and analytics programmes
  7. Entrepreneurship programmes
  8. Customised solutions
  9. Coaching and executive mentoring
  10. Public policy programmes
  11. Health care management programme
  12. Agribusiness management programme

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Strathmore Research & Consultancy Centre (SRCC)

Strathmore Research and Consultancy Center, SRCC, is the consulting arm of Strathmore University.

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