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Benefits of HR Audit to your company

Have you thought through the risk your company is likely to face due to shaky HR policies and procedures?

See below some of the risks your company is likely to face:

  1. Lawsuits due to non-compliance to labour laws.
  2. Loose-end staff contracts which may lead to legal suits.
  3. High labour/staffing turnover.
  4. Underperformance or lack of morale among staff.
  5. Inefficient recruitment processes.
  6. Loss of talented employees to competitors.
  7. Unfair pay structures.

However, SRCC recommends HR audit as the first step to establishing areas of HR weakness. HR audit is a process that examines policies, procedures, documentation, systems and practices with respect to an organization’s functions.

Do you think your HR is where it is supposed to be? Reach out to us now because, through HR Audit, we guarantee you the following:

  1. Evaluation of HR department to the company.
  2. A positive professional image of a company.
  3. Reduced HR-related costs.
  4. Attracting and retaining staff/talent.
  5. Timely compliance of the organization to existing labor laws.
  6. Efficient performance appraisal systems.
  7. Proper systematic job analysis
  8. Improved Return on Investment (ROI)


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