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SRCC’s Recent Projects

SRCC has undertaken several projects in consulting, training and implementing institutional management systems in a number of institutions. This article proceeds as a summary of Strathmore Research and Consultancy Centre’s recent projects and clients. 

UN Environment Programme- UNEP

This project entailed creating mobile learning courses on environmental issues

  1. Design and development of a mobile
  2. Application (android & iOS) for dissemination of courses such as why plastic bags are bad for the environment.
  3. Development of a web application for data analytics for usage of the above application.
  4. Designed and developed an animated course for integration with the above application.


PEBL (Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning) under ACU (Association of Commonwealth Universities)

This project entailed facilitation of training on production of blended learning courses. The project led to the development of 5 blended courses e.g. ‘Fundamentals of Information Technology’ for first year students at Strathmore University, a course which was packaged in SCORM format and disseminated via Moodle.


Samsung Electronics

This project entailed research and development work on making Samsung products that are relevant for the African market. Samsung partnered with @iLabAfrica to build the Strathmore Business School Mobile Application which was launched at a demo dubbed “Samsung Show and Tell” in 2014.

  1. The SBS application is a custom mobile app for the Strathmore Business Schools.
  2. Using this application, Strathmore Business School scholars enjoy a full learning experience using a tablet.
  3. It provides for access to e-learning resources, assignments, notes and course cases, announcements and news.
  4. The application also has a digital rights management system to safeguard the distribution of copyrighted material, assignment reminders and a booked room viewing facility to help learners schedule group meetings and classes.


County Pro

This project entailed design and development of elearning tutorials County Pro (County Pro is a Mobile and Web-Based solution for revenue collection by the government in different counties). The e-learning tutorials are used by employees of different Counties where County Pro application is implemented.


Castalia Inc. Japan (In collaboration with Goocus Pilot)

This project entailed:

  1. Content creation (texts, graphics and audio-visual)
  2. Integration and dissemination through a mobile learning platform (Goocus)
  3. Conversion of courses by Strathmore University into eLearning courses.


The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK)

This project was facilitated by @ilabAfrica. It entailed an online registration system managing events, online courses and webinars of ICPAK. @ilabAfrica was mandated to develop a mobile-based application for ICPAK Events Attendance by Delegates and a portal for ICPAK to manage more than 10,000 members CPD and Event attendance details including courses.


Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies

This project entailed the following: 

  1. Implementation of performance, Monitoring and Evaluation System
  2. Development and implementation of performance, Monitoring and Evaluation System
  3. Development and Implementation of a Mobile data collection tool for conservancies called WILD.


Kenya Association of Manufacturers

This project involved: 

  1. Designing and developing an online centralized business portal to provide industry stakeholders and potential investors with information on Kenya’s economic and legal environment.
  2. Developing industrial and trade statistics relevant to the manufacturing sector and its sub-sectors.


Kenyan County Governments

The project involved the implementation of a holistic e-Governance Integrated System for County Operations Management, Workflow Automation, Document Management, Electronic Citizen Services Delivery, Business Intelligence and Electronic Payment Systems in the following County Governments in Kenya:

  1. County Government of Kiambu
  2. County Government of Busia County
  3. County Government of Kisumu
  4. County Government of Taita Taveta
  5. County Government of Kilifi
  6. County Government of Mombasa


Ministry of Health Kenya

The project was a joint collaboration with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Association of Public Health Labs (APHL), IBM Research Lab and the Ministry of Health; @iLabAfrica implemented an Open Source Lab Information System (HMIS). @iLabAfrica was mandated to address the overwhelmed public health diagnostic laboratories that perform the diagnosis and effective treatment and prevention of illnesses.

This report was compiled by Odhiambo Obonyo.

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