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IT Consulting

In order to establish their credibility and elevate their strategic impact within the corporate sphere, SRCC focuses on directly supporting the business objectives of the organization and emphasizing the business value IT provides. IT enables new ways of doing business and is better managed when considered as an asset to the development and execution of key business strategies. This requires us to be able to show how their services make specific, tangible, and critical contributions to achieving business outcomes. It also requires that we show how they are achieving the levels of security, efficiency, reliability, and agility that their businesses require. This approach is more proactive than has been typical in the past. IT can drive significant value in such non-traditional IT business areas as sales and customer support, in addition to such traditional IT areas as operational efficiency. In order to do this, SRCC embraces a variety of business terminologies, methods, techniques, and concepts that are commonly employed elsewhere in the business world.

SRCC provides a number of services that will enable you to take your use of Information Technology to the next level. We provide technical support in installation and customization of the following IT products that will help you grow as an organization:


Koha is the most advanced open-source Integrated Library System in use today by hundreds of libraries worldwide.

The development of Koha is steered by a growing number of libraries throughout the world. These libraries, either on their own, or collaborating in groups, sponsor the development of new features to support their workflows. Koha’s impressive feature set continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of its sponsoring libraries. Everyone may not use the same features. This freedom to pick and choose from features, through the administration of system preferences, offers librarians the opportunity to tailor their Koha instance to match their specific workflow needs.

SRCC Ltd has partnered with several consultants with the technical experience to enable us to offer our customers the opportunity to have KOHA installed in their organizations. Click here to get the full proposal

Kuali Financial System

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) project is working to create and enhance a comprehensive suite of financial software that meets the needs of all Carnegie Class institutions. Its partner institutions are colleges, universities, and interested organizations that share a common vision of open, modular, and distributed systems for their software requirements.


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