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Human Resource (HR) Audit

Human Resource (HR) Audit

Employment laws are ever-changing while lawsuits by employees are on the rise. Fines for non-compliance can add up quickly and deplete your profits.

Whether you have few employees or many, you have to formalize your HR-related issues; from company policies to employment contracts and job descriptions to wages and salaries and everything else that governs the relationship with your employees. But how do you know if you’re handling human resources appropriately? Conducting an HR audit is a vital means to avoid legal and regulatory liability that may arise from your HR policies and practices.

Strathmore Research and Consultancy Company (SRCC) will provide you with a comprehensive report identifying gaps in your company’s HR policies and practices. Our recommendations will be useful to guide your current and future change programs that include:

  • Focuses on how well the organization is complying with current employment and statutory laws and regulations.
  • Best practices. Helps the organization maintain and improve competitive advantage by comparing its practices with those of companies identified as having exceptional HR practices.
  • Focuses on strengths and weaknesses of systems and processes to determine whether they align with the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Function-specific. Focuses on a specific area in the HR function (e.g., payroll, performance management, records retention).


If you are interested in this offer, please email or call +254720591328 (Christine).

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